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Barber of Seville
17 – 24 July

Thank you for your patience. We are delighted to announce that you are now not only able to book tickets, but also that you may do so online.


Booking A Ticket

Due to Covid restrictions, you are still not able to select a specific seat, but we hope the plan below will assist with helping you in choosing the price bracket, that best suits the area you would like to sit in.

Although all restrictions are hoped to be lifted on 21st June, both as a contingency plan, in case things change, but also responding to the results of a Customer Confidence Survey we ran, we have reviewed the capacity of the auditorium, which has affected the ticket prices. We are offering two different options, to cater for as many different situations and sensibilities as possible, which take the form of either 2 seats between groups, with a 1 row gap, or just 1 seat between groups, and no gaps in the rows. In both scenarios, masks must be worn at all times, until seated in the auditorium, when removal is optional. This choice is being offered to ensure maximum comfort and confidence for our audience, across all age ranges.

All of the above is still dependant on the government guidelines, and therefore the 2nd scenario may be subject to review, but it is important to reassure you that a full refund will be offered. Also early bookers will take priority, should numbers need to be reduced.

Performances & Ticket Prices

Sat 17th July – Tickets – Band A £70, Band B £50*
Sun 18th July (Mat) – Tickets – Band A £75, Band B £55*
Tues 20th July – Tickets – Band A £80, Band B £60, Band C £40**
Thurs 22nd July – Tickets – Band A £95, Band B £75, Band C £55**
Sat 24th July – Tickets – Band A £110, Band B £90, Band C £70**

* 2 seats between groups, 1 row gap
** 1 seat between groups, no row gap (Approx. 50% capacity)

Band A: Rows B – K
Band B: Rows L – R, Side Aisle – Row U, Left Balcony – Row V & Right Balcony – Row W
Band C: Side Aisle – Row U, Left Balcony – Row V & Right Balcony – Row W

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Outside Picnicking

Whilst we will be operating the same picnic table booking service as normal, you are very welcome to picnic – socially distantly – outside, free of charge. Please note that tables and chairs are limited, and are available on a first come first served basis. You are however welcome to bring your own. We would ask that you ensure that you take your rubbish home with you, and if constructing a gazebo, that you take care to ensure that you have removed all metal pegs.

Other Dining Options

We are currently still setting up dining options, so if you would normally book a supper, please let us know, and we will supply you with further information as and when available. Also we will let you know the minute you can book a picnic table.

Covid-19 Safety Measures

If you have any concerns about what safety measures we have in place, in addition to those stated above, please follow this link, or contact the Box Office on 01260 224514 or The Box Office will now be manned every weekday from 10am to 4pm.

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We very much hope to see you in July. Not long now.