For further information on sponsorship, please contact Amanda Harman or Angela Billings.

Amanda Harman
Joint Chief Executive, Education, Development
01260 224 514

Angela Billings
01260 224 550

“The John Lewis Partnership has supported Clonter’s education programme for over 20 years. The yearly reports you send us, together with the day I recently spent observing a primary school workshop, amply demonstrate the very effective use you make of our donation. The impact of your education work is profound, relevant and lasting, and the quotes from children and teachers you have provided in successive annual reports attest to how much the children have benefited from your work.

Significantly, the education work fits in with Clonter Opera’s artistic mission to help young music professionals get started in their careers. By training them to work with young children, you give them valuable career skills, while providing the children with aspirational role models, encouraging them to pursue their own dreams.

I wholeheartedly recommend Clonter Opera’s education work to any donor wishing to support children in their local community.”

John Lewis Partnership, Nigel Brotherman, Music Appeal Advisor to the Chairman