Room Dimensions and Seating Capacity

Foyer 20.0m x 8.5mTables and chairs for 63
Dance Area5.5m x 5.5mDance floor or tables and chairs for 32/48 together makes 95/111
Ramsey Room15.2m x 5.5mTables and chairs for 82/100 or lecture hall style 60
Carmen Room13.2m x 9.0mTables and chairs for 62 on ground floor and 22 on gallery
Bannerman Room17.0m x 6.0mTables and chairs for 60
Hancock Room10.0m x 5.0mTables and chairs for 37
Pasquale Board RoomSeats 10 above the carmen room
AwningSeats 40/50
AuditoriumN/A400 seats