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Christmas Shopping & Easy Fundraising

WARNING: I am going to mention the C word!

Christmas (I did warn you) is just 4 weeks away. This Christmas will be unlike any other in living memory. How we celebrate though remains unique to every family; terrible Christmas jumpers, flimsy paper crowns balanced precariously on newly styled hair, the majesty of the arrival of the turkey or possibly the quiet contemplation of the year that has passed. For me Christmas starts as the evenings dim and the decorations begin to appear in the shops. I think this stems from a childhood memory of being driven to “see the lights” on Oxford Street by my parents. As we cruised as slowly as we dared along the bejewelled streets, faces pressed to the window of the car, it felt like we were entering a magical, glittering wonderland.

Christmas 2020 will not start with the decorations in the shops. I complained if they arrived too early but how I wish I could be enticed by them now; I even miss the “jolly” Christmas music played on a loop to the irritation of the shop assistants. This Christmas like so much of 2020 started online. As I began my shopping I wondered if there was a way that I could turn it into a positive experience. If I have to shop online, could others benefit? Do you know about Easy Fundraising and Amazon Smile? At no extra cost, through these portals you can access many of your favourite stores, allowing you to shop online and with each purchase to help a charity. Clonter is registered for both. By clicking here you can see how it works or here

Whatever your family traditions and however this strangest of Christmases presents itself, I would like to be the first to wish you a peaceful and joyous festive season, on behalf of everyone at Clonter.

Angela Billings (Clonter, Fundraising)



We are told now that people no longer want ‘things’, but would rather have experiences. Could this therefore be just the thing you are looking for?

Christmas afternoon tea delivered to the door, by a friendly Clonter volunteer. This can either be accompanied by a link to the show, that can be viewed on a telly, via a laptop and the all important HDMI cable (ask any young ones, and they should be able to help you), or you can buy a DVD to go with it, or to have on its on.


You may know someone who would welcome a sing along to not only a few Carols, but also some old Christmas classics. Something to enjoy with the whole family, or something to cheer up someone who is alone.

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