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Tea with… Songs from the Shows

‘Absolutely charming’ was just one of the lovely comments received from audience members as they were leaving after an hour of songs from the shows last Wednesday.

Thank you Naomi Rogers and John Ieuan Jones, for coming and giving so much JOY in a LIVE performance – following their online version in 2020 – now accompanied by Robin Humphreys, to an audience of more than 60 afternoon tea goers last week, following the relaxed tea on Tuesday, attended by members of the Rossendale Trust , The Eye Society in Macclesfield, and individuals being cared for at home.

Whilst at the best of times it is our aim to provide an escape from all the trials and tribulations of life, it was felt that it would have been greatly remiss not to have acknowledged what was going on in Ukraine, and so to that end John Ieuan Jones introduced the song ‘What a Wonderful World’ by asking the assembled gathering to reflect, on how lucky we were to live in this country, but also in spite of what was happening overseas, it was important to remember that there was still much to rejoice in, in the world.

And so the audience were treated to songs such as ‘We’ll Gather Lilacs’, ‘A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square’ and ‘People Will Say We’re In Love’, with each singer singing their own personal favourites, Naomi ‘If I Loved You’, and Ieuan ‘If I Were a Rich Man’, although the management might choose ‘Lorelei’ (with the classic line that her ambition is to write her initials on a sailor’s neck!) and ‘Some Enchanted Evening’, with the immortal line ‘once you have found her never let her go’.

As Ieuan rightly suggested you couldn’t have someone Welsh and not have something Welsh, and so the audience were introduced to the Green Eyed Dragon (by Wolseley Charles) AND something actually in Welsh. How appropriate that also seemed at a time when we should be celebrating our differences, as well as looking for the similarities.

How appropriate it also seemed to conclude the afternoon with ‘We’ll Meet Again’, as many attending this event were returning to Clonter for the first time since March 2020, joining in heartily.