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Ramsey Room Session
Jazz, Funk & Soul @ Clonter
Dave Ital & Friends

“Didn’t know what to expect … The artists were incredibly talented … Incredible skill and dexterity … They were amazing!”


“Fantastic … The pair were an incredible combination”


“Great atmosphere and lovely setting … Enjoyed it so much, we have booked our next event”


Dave Ital & Friends @ Clonter – Video

Dave Ital & Friends @ Clonter – Photo Album

Thank you to all of those who attended our Dave Ital & Friends Ramsey Room Session on Saturday.

And what a night it was, full of jazz, funk, soul and grooviness!

Dave Ital and Xantoné Blacq were generous, talented and engaging performers and put on a fantastic show for us all. So thank you to them.

This event was new territory for us at Clonter and we were thrilled with the outcome. We were also glad to see some younger faces in the audience. Folk, Gospel and Jazz nights are already staples of the Clonter annual menu as well as Opera but never before Jazz, Funk & Soul!

The Ramsey Room was transformed into a Jazz club with soft lighting, intimate seating and great vibes. It was wonderful to see people getting their groove on and having a boogie!

Until next time…

If you have not yet booked in for Jazz in June – Pearson & Friends on 3rd June, please click here for more info.

(Photos and video by Vic Brown)