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World Mental Health Day
Colum Sands

Clonter’s first Ramsey Room Session since its reopening in June. How fitting it seemed that in this intimate space, it should be to mark World Mental Health Day, AND that it should have this wise and witty sage to do it.

He was just what the doctor ordered, never failing to deliver, and some. How very blessed we felt to have this GIANT of a human being in our midst once more, as ever creating a magical bubble in which to be suspended and cradled for just for one night. And for one night only it was, with Colum flying in specially for this gig, and then back to Ireland again he went, having exemplified the magic of being in the moment, and the joy that is to be found in the minutiae of life, and how good for us all just to slow down, and look around.

Saturday night saw those who already knew this treasure of a fella, flocking from four local folk clubs – Biddulph, Northwich, Sandbach and Leek, with others more used to visiting Clonter for opera, dipping their toe in this warm pond.

‘I can’t think of any artist I’d rather go to see…. I think he is just a darling man and a genius too… I so agree about World Mental Health Day needing to be marked, and about how uplifting Colum is.’

Lorna Davies, Folk Diary, Bits & Bobs

Catch him along the road if you can. You won’t regret it.

Until we meet again dear and precious fellow, THANK YOU for coming and giving our souls a massage and emotional batteries a boost through your immense wit and wisdom.

Thank you to the Leek contingent for coming over the hill to camp. Unlike other things, we hope this may be contagious! This gives a whole new meaning to the concept of the morning after! Knitting, with cup of coffee in hand, looking over a field of recently harvested barley, chewing the cud, and who better to be chewing it with than this wonderful bard.

Next up, back to some opera.