Next year will mark Clonter’s 50th Anniversary, and we want to make sure it is the best year yet, but in order to make it to 50 we need your help. Any funding raised will help us be able to celebrate Clonter’s 50th Anniversary and continue to provide a nurturing and supportive place for emerging talent to flourish and entertain our audiences for generations to come.




Great British Music Camp 2023

The end of a remarkable week, the culmination of which was shared with the participants’ families on Saturday afternoon, in a farewell concert received with rapturous applause.

As the compère highlighted it was somewhat different to the opera, literally ‘just gone’ from the very same stage, but as played by Clonter’s founder, there were a number of saxophones on the stage now, which Jeffery and Anita Lockett were there to enjoy, along with all the other remarkable musical instruments, from tubas, a marimba, electric guitars via violins and cellos, and the human voice, playing existing music as well as debuting some of their own compositions, which also included a new sound track to a piece from the film Madagascar, played live on stage.

Also the camp co-ordinator generously acknowledged that without the construction and availability of the Clonter theatre, and its surroundings, this camp simply wouldn’t be possible. They also thanked Clonter for allowing 63 children and their 45 strong members of staff, to literally take over the whole of the Clonter site for a whole week.

The tents were all packed up, and the children safely returned to their parents for yet another year.

If new duos and bands have been formed here, you will have to watch this space, but the most important thing is all these young ones left walking taller, with some exclaiming that it was ‘the best week of my life’.