Dear Clonter Visitors,

We have been informed that there will be a road closure on Trap Road between 6th and 24th March 2023. Trap road is the road on which Clonter Opera Theatre is located.

We have been assured by Cheshire East Council that there will still be access for staff, residents, visitors and patrons during this period.

Please find a map below to see where the road closure will be and how best to access Clonter dependant on the direction from which you access us. If accessing us from the Congleton direction, there are a couple of alternative routes available to you so do review this before your journey.

The road closure begins about 50 metres from the entrance to Clonter, where Messuage Lane crosses Trap Road. Visitors/customers will still be able to access Clonter, so please proceed past the road closure signs and if stopped by a road worker just explain that you are trying to access the theatre and that we have been assured that access will be possible.

We hope this makes sense but if you have any questions, please email Celia on or call us on 01260 224638.

We look forward to your visit.