Clonter is committed to diversity in all aspects of our recruitment and employment practices and actively welcomes applicants from all backgrounds.

Clonter receives over 200 applications each year from singers interested in auditioning for productions, which may include a fully staged opera with orchestra, staged Opera Gala evenings, a series of Masterclasses, culminating in an Opera Showcase evening and a series of Performance and Musical Theatre Workshops presented to children aged 8-18.

Historically the audition panel has travelled to the major music colleges each Autumn to hear their students. Again this year Clonter proposes a different procedure – Two rounds of auditions. Round one will involve applicants submitting 3 separate Youtube video clips*, accompanied by a CV (including a photograph), and completed application form. From Round One a shortlist will be compiled, and for the summer opera production invitations will be issued to travel either to Clonter or London for a live audition. For all other programmes, participants will be chosen from their videos.

*Please note the request to supply a Youtube link, as it will not be possible to access them from any other format.

To manage expectations, Clonter would stipulate that applicants are either on a postgraduate course in vocal studies/opera, or are a recent graduate. There is a precedent for exceptions, i.e. applicants returning to a professional singing career. However, most singers who take part in the opera studios are under 30.

Audition Dates

Applications for Clonter’s 2024 season are now open. Please submit your CV, photograph, application form and video link by 4pm on 3rd November.

How To Audition

It is free to audition. To apply you should send your CV and photograph, together with a completed application form, accompanied by links to three separate recordings, and forward these to auditions@clonter.org.

Applicants are asked to offer three contrasting items, of which the panel will listen to two arias not exceeding 10 minutes in total. Your choice of repertoire and presentation will play an important part in the panel’s assessment.

Your Stay at Clonter & the Facilities

Residential facilities and a staff of exceptional caliber and international experience ensure that singers achieve their maximum potential during the opera studios and receive intensive coaching on the season’s chosen repertoire.

Singers chosen to take part in a production at Clonter will receive free accommodation in a converted barn on the farm adjacent to the theatre or in a local bed and breakfast, depending on the size of the cast.

Accommodation is equipped with a bathroom and kitchen, sheets and towels are provided. The kitchen will be stocked to enable performers to make their own breakfast each day. Lunch and dinner will be provided throughout their stay by resident caterers, these meals will be served in the theatre dining room.

Clonter has a Green Room where performers can relax when not in rehearsals or receiving coaching. This is equipped with tea and coffee making facilities, a television and computers with wireless internet connection* (though singers can bring their own laptop).

*Internet connection is currently not available in the accommodation and please note that mobile phone reception can be quite poor in the area.

It is advised to bring warm, practical clothing as it can be cold inside the theatre, even in summer. The accommodation is a short walk across a rough, unmade lane so appropriate shoes are also a must. The nearest shops are five miles away, and the area is not covered by public transport so it is advised to come prepared! If performers do not have their own transport a lift can usually be arranged into the nearest town.

Clonter is set in a beautiful rural location in the heart of the south Cheshire countryside. There is an outdoor swimming pool adjacent to the theatre and singers are invited to explore the local area between coaching and rehearsal sessions; singers may wish to walk to Jodrell Bank, home to the famous Lovell Telescope or venture a little further into Cheshire peaks and plains.